My name is Les Fabian and I
make my living airbrushing.
I fell into this quite by
accident actually. I collected
comics and decided to see if
I could create and publish my
own. I got some books and
started to learn to draw. I
decided it was just a bit too hard
but when people saw my
drawings and wanted them on
their bikes, I thought I
could give it a try as i didnt like
what i was doing at the time.
I had autobody experience
and all I had to do was buy an
airbrush. It was pretty frustrating
at first but it worked out
pretty well and the rest is history.
There are some artists that
never fail to amaze me. Royo
was the major factor in
getting me to try painting.
Sorayama is an amazing artist that
keeps me pushing harder
everytime i see one of his
works. Jim Lee from the
comic world takes the credit
for me wanting to learn to
draw in the first place.
Julie Bell is another artist
that gave me a wake up call
to start painting.
Obviously, comics play a major
influence for me. It's not often
I get to cut loose as the client
decides the subject but most
of time I try to incorporate
the things I like when I can.
Also, I always try to keep
the themes fun and stay away
from grim and serious themes.
I love sci-fi and military
stuff and painting is a good
way to express this. I dont
paint on canvas ever. I find alot
of satisfaction painting a person's
bike or helmet or help transform
someone's project into
something they are proud of.
I like working with the client
and hammering out some idea
we both like. If anyone has
any questions about airbrushing,
or thinking about learning to do
it, feel free to email me
and i would be glad
to help out in any way
i can. If you can draw, you
can airbrush. And sometimes
you dont even have to know
how to draw.
Some of my other interests here.
can I go now?
This is me and one of my
dogs, Arnold.

This website has been alot of fun to make. It provided a nice break from
dust and paint fumes and I will keep expanding it. For those that are
considering making a page but have no idea how, click on my links
for help, they sure made my life a lot easier.

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