Here are some things I like or think are just generally cool.

I love the winter Olympics and speed skating is my favorite
event. I have never painted on canvas or tried using oils,
but if I ever find the time to sit down and learn
to brush paint, it will be one of my hero's pictured here.
They are fast and sexy and have very dramatic action poses
which really lends themselves to the type of comic drawings I
first started with before I took airbrushing seriously.

Cindy Klassen Cindy Klassen Cindy Klassen Shannon Rempel Catriona Le May Doan

Cindy Klassen became our hero at
Torino by winning 5 medals, the
only canadian to ever do so at
one olympic games. I love
watching her race at any event.



Le May

Catriona Le May Doan Catriona Le May Doan Catriona Le May Doan Anni Friesinger Anni Friesinger

After 23 years of competitive
speed skating Catriona remains
as one of Canada's most successful
and most popular athletes

Anni Friesinger (German)
is known for her daring
both on and off the
ice rink.

Anni Freisinger Anni Freisinger Franziska Schenk Franziska Schenk Franziska Schenk

Anni was known as
the sexiest babe in
the 2002 Winter

Franziska Schenk, another
cool German Skater.

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Some more themes I like. Just looking for a chance to
incorporate these into my work.

Interceptor Biff Naked Master Chief Silent Hill 2 Akira

I loved
Mad Max and
that movie
changed the
way I looked
at everything.

One cool

not a game
but a place
I visit.

This game is
What a

movie. If
you haven't
seen this, go
get it now.

Dwayne Roloson Kelly Vanderbeek      

This guy
is the reason
I like hockey
so much.



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